KMR™ Monsterroller

The brand "KMR Monsterroller" is a product of Monsterroller Limited with its origin in Lommatzsch/Sachsen. Here are a few words from the  managing director about the birth of the roller:

 “The thought began as an idea to enliven the hotel, which was acquired in 2008, during the summer months as well. After renovating and remodeling the house into the k1 Sporthotel, I soon realized that I cannot exist on only the few winter months. The other evermore increasing uncertainty was whether the next winter would come, or whether it would, literally, fall into the water. The decision to introduce the green “Monsters” at the Fichtelberg was a satisfactory one not only for me, but also for other tourist service providers! Together with my team, we have developed a fulfilling service for tourists, which together with the worn-in brand “KMR Monsterroller” can be taken into other interested regions. 

This is what KMR Monsterroller has to offer:

  • Licensing system Germany

    • Outline: Service and marketing concept, system-specific know-how in on-the-job training and a manual, KMR-Monsterroller (Safety approved and made in Germany) and much more

  • Hardware sales worldwide

    • KMR-Monsterroller and logistic systems

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