Neukirch(Newchurch)/Lusatia is a short drive from Dresden, in the attractive landscape of the "Oberlausitzer Bergland". Neukirch can be reached with the tram via a direct link from Dresden, and has ±5 000 inhabitants.

The landmark that nests here is the 587m high Valtenberg. Ontop of the mountain the King Johann tower, which was built in 1857, serves as a well-known viewpoint. The Valtenberg is the highest escarpment in the Bautzen area. From here one can look onto the Oberlausitzer Mountain Ranges, the Zittauer Mountain Ranges and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Another popular excursion destination is the Wesenitzquelle (springs). The Neukirch "Hausberg" (home mountain) offers many activities for locals and tourists! Whether a relaxing walk, or an extended hike, the numerous and well-marked trails offer something for everyone. The well-known "Oberlausitzer Bergweg" also begins in Neukirch and takes you over the Valtenberg, Bieleboh, Kottmar, Lausche and Hochwald mountains, all the way to Zittau. The "cycling/hiking trail along the old cottages of Oberlausitz" and the "Cycling trail Bayreuth - Zittau" run through Neukirch. The cross-country ski trails offer many kilometers of ideal skiing in winter. 

The town is also characterized through its organically developed economy, craft work and industry. The Neukirch Rusk is very well known, as well as the numerous hand-made products of the locally made pottery. Neukirch is also renowned for the annually held Pottery festival. 

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