Being the highest-lying town of Germany (914m above sea level) automatically makes Oberwiesenthal something special. The town that is embedded in the valley between the German Fichtelberg and the Czech Keilberg has been a place of rejuvination and relaxation for centuries, and a favoured destination for tourists and holidaymakers. 

The Fichtelberg, at 1215m, is the highest mountain in east Germany, and offers perfect conditions for athletes in winter as in summer. The Czech Keilberg (Klinovec), at 1244m is the highest mountain in the Erzgebirge (Ore mountains) and another important characteristic of the region. If you like being in nature, you have the following options to choose from during summer months: hiking, nordic walking, mountain biking, e-bike riding and Monsterroller riding. The landscape around Oberwiesenthal is one of a kind. Further highlights of the town are a steam locomotive and a cable car. The cable car is the oldest one in Germany, and transports passengers to the "Roof of the Erzgebirge" within minutes. The museum in "Wiesenthaler k3", which was newly opened in 2014, is a great attraction for winter sport enthusiasts and those who enjoy a more cultural experience.

Far away from the everyday hustle and fast-paced life, one can find peace,relaxation and change of scenery in Oberwiesenthal throughout the year. Whether out in the fresh air doing some exercise, unwinding in the sauna or enjoying a delectable meal - here one can unwind body and soul and the everyday stress will soon become a thing of the past!

The k1 sporthotel


The k1 sporthotel in Oberwiesenthal lies directly at the Fichtelberg, next to the cable car, ski slopes and bike tracks. You can be in the cable car, at the chairlift or on the ski slope within minutes - you can't get closer to the Fichtelberg than this - it is a one of a kind in the Erzgebirge! The k1 sporthotel is not only the place of birth of our KMR Monsterroller, but also the home f many of the green monsters. Fans and enthusiasts have the opportunity to get onto the rollers directly after breakfast and conquer the Fichtelberg. 

Besides the green monsters, the hotel offers everything you would need for a cycling holiday, cycling training or a special road bike training at the Fichtelberg. Another one of a kind in the Erzgebirge is out k1 testcenter. Here you can find the newest bikes for your bike training!

k1 sporthotel - every sportsman's ideal accommodation in Oberwiesenthal.