No myth - no fairy tale. The monsters are loose in the German highlands and the alpine foothills! Feet with optimal grip in any terrain, a skeletal structure made of high strength steel and a poisonously green-colored skin ensure for safety and maximum attention. As soon as the snow has left the tracks and trails, the green Monsterrollers await the brave pilots! The interest in the Monsters is increasing significantly, and the expansion thereof cannot be prevented. One can get a real adrenaline kick on their extra wide tyres on tours stretching between 3 and 16 kilometers.

Monstrous fun is guaranteed - given is is all downhill. Monsterroller riding is fun for small and large guys, ladies, friends, partners, family, clubs and companies. By the way, we have protected the green monsters from becoming extinct. The Monsterrollers are being manufactured in our own small Monster-factory according to DIN-standards and are approved by the German road safety authorities. High strength, durable and of course - "Made in Germany".


Stefan - Kretzsche - Kretzschmar is a Handball World Cup winner, German champion, EHF-Cup winner, Olympic silver medallion winner, Champions-League winner and runner-up world champion, and above all that he is a Monsterroller fan!

The Rockstar of Handball discovered the green Monsters, and has sent a few of them down the hill! Kretzsche has the following tip, especially for sport clubs:

"The green Monsters are a perfect alternative to the every-day training camp. Get on, start rolling, have fun! The Monsterroller rides clears ones mind, and are sure to not only be enjoyable during strictly the training camps!"